E.T.Listat Oy

E.T.Listat Oy is the leading Finnish manufacturer of construction mouldings and profiles, decoration panels and natural wooden floors. ET is a quality brand in decoration and building finishings, known for its high quality, extensive product range, as well as short delivery times and reliability as a supplier in the construction industry. The company continuously develops its products, and follows the trends in the decoration sector and the suitability of materials in different decors. It also invests in ever more efficient and eco-friendly production technology.

Responsibility for quality

E.T.Listat Oy manufactures all wooden mouldings from Finnish special-grade pine (EM) or pine with small knots (VM). Several moulding models and panels are also made of MDF, ready with surface treatment or coating.

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The path of history

Almost 45 years ago Ensio Torvi, at the Peurakosken Saha ja Mylly company in the village of Rautio, dreamed of expanding sales operations to Ylivieska.


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The Company employs more than 100 industry professionals and had turnover of approximately € 20 million in 2019.