Decorating tips

Genuine wood offers an enormous array of possibilities for interior decoration. The natural, individual beauty of wood makes it into a unique material that is ideally suited for Finnish style and atmosphere.

End Result Finished with Wooden Moudings

Choose a moulding profile and style. Select also a surface solution and finish the end resultof the decor with genuine wooden mouldings.

Combine an MDF Panel and a Moulding

ET’s decoration panels create a beautiful and harmonious atmosphere. You can share a wall surface and choose the same atmosphere for the ceiling. Different combinations and settings create a completely new kind of decor.

Let the Surface Speak

Genuine wood creates nature’s own art. Liveliness, elegance, the dancing grain of the surface and the countless tones, with the proper surface treatment, are pine panels at their most beautiful

Right Style for the Right Space

ET’s panels and mouldings help you create a style that matches the space and atmosphere. Classic, traditional or modern – ET’s extensive product range has the solution.

Floor like nature

Natural. Warm. Lively. Timeless. Attributes that can easily associated with a Finnish wooden floor. Wood is a living material. This is why it feels so wonderfully soft and looks so good.

Style for Damp Areas

Damp areas do not have to look as monotonous as usual. ET’s materials for damp areas enable you do decorate with a completely new, individual style. You can combine materials and surfaces. You can produce an atmosphere all your own.