Finger panels in four different colors

Our highly popular finger panels are now available in four different colors in addition to the planed version. Our varnished finger panels are perfect also for humid areas.

  • 7502VVPL24
    Finger panel (5-finger) 15x95x2370
    Pine, white wax (color Vanilla 3466), finger-extended, with end joint
  • 7502XPL3444
    Finger panel (5-finger) 15x95x2370
    Pine, brown (color Blackberry 3444), finger-extended, with end joint
  • 7502XPL3445
    Finger panel (5-finger) 15x95x2370
    Pine, black (color Charcoal 3445), finger-extended, with end joint
  • 7502XPL3437
    Finger panel (5-finger) 15x95x2370
    Pine, gray (color Wildgoose 3437), finger-extended, with end joint

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The new, stunning Vilja panel

The Vilja panel, made of Finnish spruce, has an interesting, three-dimensional structure that highlights the interplay of light and shadow wonderfully. The sloping surface of the panel makes the space come alive. You can make the room more expressive by using spacing lists with the panel, allowing you to rotate the panel to the direction you want.

You can use the planed panel as is, or you can treat the surface as you like. The panels are also available with a surface treatment of white wax, which makes the panels suitable also for humid areas.

The panel has been awarded the Key Flag Symbol, and the surface-treated version is M1 classified.